Zev Paiss

National Hemp Association

Zev Paiss serves as the COO of APA where he is the firm’s in-house Mac consultant and provides technical expertise and common sense solutions to client programs. He oversees all website development, budget management and is the lead videographer and editor for client videos we produce. Among the videos he has produced on sustainable development include: “Neighborhoods for People” in 1995, and “Developing Sustainable Neighborhoods for Today’s Housing Market” in 2008.
From February 2014 through September 2016, he created and served as the founding Executive Director of the National Hemp Association. Through his leadership, the trade organization became the leading industrial hemp association in the nation.
A Colorado resident since 1985, Zev has served as a nationally recognized sustainability consultant to projects in CA, CO, MA, NC, TX, UT, etc. He is known for his expertise in the areas of Environmental Planning, Renewable Energy and Transportation, and Neighborhood Community Building.
Zev has been interviewed by many of the country’s leading national print and broadcast media including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC “Dateline,” and CNN among others. He has traveled across the United States as a guest speaker at national and state conferences and is a popular presenter about Sustainable Development, Aging in Community and Creating Positive Futures.
Zev has translated his understanding surrounding creating sustainable futures into two published novels. His first novel From Here to There: A Story of America’s Future tells a story about what is truly possible for America. Set in the not-too-distant future, the story takes the reader on a journey to the year 2020 when daily life remains hard except for the privileged. The reader is also transported 40 years further into the future, to the year 2060, when many of our most difficult challenges have been overcome. This futuristic vision of a sustainable society is set within a mystery thriller. Both softcover and ebook versions are now available.
Zev’s second book is a fast-paced mystery entitled Silo 42: Deception set within the New York Times bestselling dystopian world of WOOL written by Hugh Howey. This suspense-filled adventure contains real and practical solutions for the most pressing issues facing our planet today around energy use, food production, personal mental and physical health, and more. Silo 42: Deception is available at Amazon.com as both an ebook and a softbound version.